Endorsements From Other Students:

"My first million dollars from home"

"David Sharpe has been an incredible mentor to me throughout my career and helped me reach the goal of making my first million dollars from home. He’s a powerful leader, speaker, and trainer and anyone would be blessed to have him as their coach." - Adam Whiting 

"David taught me the "nuts and bolts"

"When I first met David Sharpe I had already been making decent money with my business. However, I was stuck at a certain income level and couldn’t seem to figure out why. Dave taught me the “nuts and bolts” skills, what actions I needed to take to take my business to the next level. I’m honored to know Dave, and it’s always a pleasure working with him too". -Chuck Marshall

"His system gave me a stressless approach"

"Before meeting David Sharpe I was severely struggling with my business and personal life. His story and teachings helped me overcome trauma, addiction, and poverty. His system gave me a stressless approach to growing my business everyday. In short David Sharpe saved my life and helped my family get on our feet and create a solid plan for the future." -Stephen Munson

"Helped us make our 1st $250,000 online.

"David Sharpe helped us make our 1st $250,000 online. His words are POWERFUL and his leadership in general is what creates his legendary status. He’s like no other, second to none. Thank you David for all the leadership and advice through the years" -Jermaine Steele

"David is the perfect leader to learn from!"

"David Sharpe is a inspiring leader that has changed my life. I remember when I was at my job and I watched his story online and I knew there was a way for me to change my life. If he never made the sacrifices he made I would never be where I am today. David is the perfect leader to learn from!" -Nate Obryant

"David helped me with my confidence"

"David helped me with my confidence and helped me understand the Basic foundation of internet marketing. 
To be myself and tell my story with unapologetic authenticity. You taught me that I matter and what I have to offer the world matters. That I am good enough and keep getting better everyday. You also helped me sober up in my life 3 years because of your story David Sharpe. You helped me take a step back and realize what was really most important in my life and to never give up! -Shelly Dawn Mishawaka

"One of the greatest mentors and marketers.."

"David Sharpe is one of the GREATEST mentors & marketers that I've ever met on this planet. His enthusiasm in helping, supporting & coaching others is LEGENDARY! Not only does he walk the walk he talks the talk! He brings the BEST out of YOU! -Simon Stepsys Internet Millionaire

"I now offer my services globally..."

"One of the first Fb ads training I ever did was through Dave Sharpe. Not only was my mind blown but my business changed! I've gone on to implement what I learned that day and expanded my knowledge even further to now offer my services to businesses around the globe. It can sometimes take only ONE golden nugget to transform your business so when you get access to someone dropping BARS it's a blessing! I appreciate you more than you know, Dave! -Reneé Fouché

"Dave's transparency helped me..."

I was 1st introduced to David Sharpe in the awesome Empower Network experience! Watching, learning and growing from his from "the gutter to the uttermost" testimony helped me realize that EVERY past has a purpose filled with pain that multitudes can be healed from . . . IF that testimony is shared! Over the past 3 years, I have used a number of platforms to attract hurting people and lead them to wholeness in areas of their lives. Dave's transparency helped me to begin to "bare all" in environments I created and cultivated thanks to his training. THANKS DAVE . . . YOU ROCK!!!  -Josephine Gray

"Because of you and your encouragement..."

Well because of you I found out about this wonderful Marketing world and through you and your story I learned everything is possible if you want it and truly believe in it. And as you know because of you and your encouragement I've faced very big fears and personal demons in my life and for that I thank you. -Tim Pitt

"The Knowledge and Confidence I ..."

"What a journey it's been since I first connected with you 3 yrs ago. If only "thank you" was powerful enough to convey my true gratitude for the Knowledge and Confidence I have gained from watching and listening to you. I love that the information you share is always rich in value - info I actually utilize in my day to day business... and most importantly I love the story you share- Your Story -that no matter how many times I hear.. It tugs at my heart strings... It fills me such gratitude and a major boost of confidence- A reminder that "I can do this". -Happii Lotus Freeman 

"Start our own 6 figure online business..."

"You taught me how to tell a good story that has your potential customer salivating for more. That's not the only lesson I learned from you though. Over the next few months I started applying what you were teaching. You not only impacted me you also impacted my business partner Jamie. I believe the wisdom you imparted on us is one of the reasons why we have been able to successfully start our own 6 figure online business in the niche that we loveThanks David for being you. -Larry Rivera

"Successfully market, produce and sell..."

Kim and I are so glad to have met David Sharpe, engaged in his teaching/coaching/breakthroughs, implemented them and received the results in our lives by being teachable and real. As a speaker, I've now been able to successfully speak at live events of hundreds of people; as a mentor/facilitator, successfully engage the lives of young people at my church. As a business man, successfully market, produce and sell our music projects for continual engagement in the christian music world. Confidence starts when someone tells you that you can do it.....Thanks David. -Ian McGill 

"Pay attention to everything Dave did..."

I first met Dave Sharpe 7 years ago. His story inspired me and I paid attention to everything he [Dave] did. It wasn't till recently when Dave became my coach and mentor that I really got serious about my business. I was about ready to throw in the towel and Dave has helped me change my mindset and my business. The future looks great. A big Thank you Dave! -Jeff Dingman 

"You have inspired thousands of people..."

"Who's time is it? Its my time! You have inspired thousands of people and myself included. I'm forever grateful for you, I know your struggles were real, but you stepped up and became a leader of leaders. I hope someday I can be a great leader like you, thank you for being you and inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs, your best days are coming, you still have work to do, and i know you'll get it done.
Thanks Again Dave

"I was stuck for almost two years ..."

"I made the first major financial wins of my entrepreneurial career following David Sharpe's mentorship. For years I struggled to get my message across in a way that inspired people to take action on my offers. Learning how to craft my own personal story in a way that's both compelling and genuine is among the greatest gifts I ever received from him. I was stuck for almost two years at 2-3k per month and after meeting David my income skyrocketed and surpassed 6-figures in just over 6 months and multiple 6-figures within a short years time. Listen to this man and let him assist you in changing your stars! -Avram Gonzales

"Thank you for being a great mentor!"

"Really appreciate and thank you. It's so incredibly important that we stay humble and know that there's always more to learn.  My wife and I have a feeling we can spark something with couples to become power couples where they can work together to empower themselves and others. Thank you for being a great mentor! -Garry Regier

"He has helped a lot of people..."

I watched David Sharpe create a movement in our industry just a few short years ago. He has helped a lot of people make a lot of money fast, and helped them create a life of freedom. -Brian Fanale

Tickets Will Sell Out Fast For: 
Sales and Marketing Experience Tampa, FL    Dates: Coming Soon!

Read every word and secure your seat now....
"How To Avoid The DEATH Of Your Business"
You should be curious and very skeptical because there's a lot of fluff on the internet, but there's only 2 things that really matter 
to the survival of your business...
Sales and Marketing.

David Sharpe here and I'm holding a small and intimate event called the Sales and Marketing Experience. 

Before I get to that, I have some disturbing news if you're an entrepreneur.

There's more noise than there's ever been. There's more competition. There's more people working their asses off for your prospects hard earned money. 

Your competitors will literally take money out of your pocket if you let them. They'll take food off your family's table. They're stealing customers who could be rightfully yours and you're letting them do it. 

Someone just decided to enroll with one of your competitors and that income could have paid your rent or mortgage payment this month.

You're losing sales every hour 
and the question is what are 
you willing to do about it?

More urgent news: There's more software, more technology and more technical pitfalls than ever before for you to fall into a black abyss of overwhelm and confusion and never return.

The failure rates of entrepreneurs and small business owners are staggering. It's scary. The question is do you even stand a chance?

The Internet is huge -- and sickening. It's full of so much hype, fluff and garbage videos and articles to manipulate and confuse you. Finding trustworthy information from proven mentors who actually care about more than stuffing their pockets is hard. With so many phony and unethical people out there who can you trust?

This Should Be Enough For You To 
Get Fired Up... Even Angry About!

Because your business is your livelihood. It's how you survive. Isn't it worth fighting for?

Direct sales companies and "old school" trainers are still doubting the power of social media ...even though all your prospects are scrolling, liking and commenting all day long. 

Most execs in corporate america still don't have Facebook profiles. *mind blowing*

College marketing degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Most marketing grads don't know how to sell themselves out of a wet paper bag! 

You're constantly being filled with useless training and pointless "raw raw" non-sense from speakers, motivational "performers" and played-out gurus who's only job is to sell you the next book they had someone else write for them.

You should be pissed, honestly. 

I know I am. I'm sick and tired of it and my circle has became so small because there are VERY FEW people in the marketplace worth listening to anymore.

Most of your struggles up until now are NOT your fault. 

However, it IS your responsibility to do something about it. 

It's time to stop letting everyone cut in front of you while your businesses struggles, suffers and starves for revenue. It's time to take back control of your life again!

So what can you do?

Allow Me To Propose 
The Ultimate Solution To 
The Crisis You're Facing...
...and it's simple

It's for you to learn the most cutting-edge, new-age and proven sales and marketing strategies to launch, grow, scale and automate your business.

Here's 3 rules you must follow on this important mission:
  •  RULE #1: You must learn from someone with the         proven results you want. 
  •  RULE #2: This person must have the ability to teach so   you can understand and implement fast!
  • RULE #3: You must first see and experience a successful business if you want to build one. They say “The body can’t go where the mind has never been” and your business is no different.
Which brings me to a weird question for you: Do you know what a flight simulator is?

Most pilots learn and practice flying huge airplanes packed with real-life, eating, breathing human beings inside a flight simulator before they actually fly.

They experience flying before they jump in the pilot seat of a plane and potentially die a horrific and tragic death--killing themselves and others--because they screwed up.

Isn't your business just as important?  

Doesn't it put food in your mouth and keep you alive? Isn't it paying for your children's future? Doesn't it determine what school your kids go to? What neighborhood you live in? What car you drive? How many vacations you take each year?

Why would you treat your business different than a pilot treats flying a plane? 

Is your business a joke to you? A hobby? If it is, this event is not for you.

Why wouldn't you sit in a business simulator and experience what it's like to run a business before you go out on your own wasting time and money and potentially crashing and burning? Even hurting others like your family in the process!

Do you want your business to die an embarrassing and defeating death? Or do you want to take off successfully and land safely everyday without constantly wondering if you're going to crash and burn?

Yes? Yes! 

Then join me live for 3 full days of the absolute best and most up-to-date game-changing training you've ever experienced....

So I can teach you--in person--the exact sales and marketing strategies that have helped me....
  • Launch and grow 3 multi million-dollar companies (with little to no start up funds)
  • Generate over $165-MILLION dollars in sales online in the last 7 years between those companies 
  • Employ hundreds of people, scale my businesses into the tens (even hundreds of thousands of dollars per day) and triple my personal income without tripling my work hours. Yeah, stress kills, my friend.
  • Become a top earner in multiple direct sales and affiliate opportunities and constantly break ranks and records in every one of them
  • Do 90% of this from the comfort of my home (often in my underwear) with nothing but a laptop and a cell phone
And these are NOT some old accomplishments from 10 years ago.

Right now, I'm CURRENTLY...
  • Getting upwards of 175 FRESH and QUALIFIED leads every single day from Facebook ads
  • Earning (on average) $5 for every $1 I spend in advertising 
  • Generating 100-200 paying customers into my business every single week (actual BUYERS)
  • Enrolling people resistance and rejection free every day using systems, scripts and processes that allow me to be the master of my business instead of a slave to it.
  • And my business runs every day whether I roll out of bed ...or... roll over and go back to bed.

The Good News Is...
For A Small Group Of People 
I'm Happy To Show You HOW

So click below and reserve your ticket to the upcoming Sales and Marketing Experience! Your business will never be the same again.

it's your time,
David Sharpe

P.S. You also risk nothing. Come spend two days with me and if you're not 100% blown away I'll pay you back double your ticket price on the spot ...no questions asked.
Here's What You'll Walk Away 
With At The End Of This Event
An Exact Walkthrough Of How I Create A Winning FB Ad Campaign.
  • We'll go CLICK BY CLICK and show you exactly how to set up a winning FB ad campaign that brings me over $5 for every $1 I spend ...so you can duplicate it.
  • The ACTUAL ads ...landing pages ...and sales pages I use (and have tested) that are CRUSHING IT ...so you can duplicate them.
How To Scale From Your First $1 
...To $100k Per Month.
  • This is not hard to do (anyone can do it). You just need the right ad, the right funnel and the right price points.
  • I'll show you BEHIND THE SCENES of my business and prove my formula works to you with multiple campaigns ...so you can duplicate it for similar results.
My Proven Exact Sales and Marketing Process.
  • Why recreate the wheel when something already works really well? Just DUPLICATE it...
  • I'll SHOW YOU the exact price points I use, how I decide what products will sell like hotcakes and how I come up with the angle to sell it.
  • I'll GIVE YOU the exact scripts and templates we use to consistently close dozens and dozens of high ticket sales per week.
How To Turn Your Mess Into A Million Dollar Message.
  • Your story is unique and no one else has the same one.
  • I'll show you how to turn ANY boring story into a tale you can tell that will have people on the edge of their seats.
  • You can then use this story when you speak or post on social media to attract people to you and convince them to buy or join you!
  • And much, much more...
You'll Also Get To Ask Questions And Get The Answers You Need
This event is just different. Unlike most events where you have a speaker talking at you for 2 or 3 days, this will be totally different than anything you've ever experienced. 

I've personally enrolled more than 6,000 front-line people at different price points. I've created some of, if not THE highest converting products, programs and offers in the history of online affiliate marketing and direct sales. I have lot's to teach you, but I'm keeping this event small and intimate so you will also have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers to specific challenges you have 
Check Out A Few Of Our Past Guest Speakers
Legendary Marketer Dave Sharpe On The Exact Formula He's Used (Over & Over Again) To Generate Over $170-Million In Sales Online
Dave is a rare breed. He's a "hands on" leader inside his companies. He writes his own copy. He produces and directs his own videos. He develops his own products and sales funnels. There are few marketers online that can rival his results and marketing mastery.

Dave will break down, step-by-step....
  • The exact sales funnels he's used (time and time again) to rake in millions of dollars in sales.
  • The exact process he uses every time to create an offer your customer can't say no to.
  • How to stand out from the crowd and re-invent your brand so it's always fresh and magical (without spending countless hours blogging, podcasting or doing other shit you hate)
  • The exact online sales processes to sell low ticket products, high ticket products ...and automate 90% of it.
  • How to turn your mess into a million-dollar message!
Dave's training style is fresh, powerful and will no-doubt leave you ready to grab the rest of 2017 by the b*lls. He's both inspirational, transparent and leaves no stone unturned, so you can expect to walk away with both the motivation and the blueprints to "GTFM" online in 2017 (get the F'n money)
Elliott Hulse On How He Grew His YouTube Channel To 1.2 MM Raving Subscribers Using Home Videos
Elliot is a beast in body, mind, soul ...and marketing. He's grown his YouTube channels to astounding numbers using mostly simple little homemade videos. His achievements are strong...
  • His Elliot Hulse YouTube Channel has 669,810 subscribers.
  • His Strength Camp YouTube Channel has 1,638,030 subscribers.
  • His Facebook FanPage has 725,699 Likes.
  • He's built a thriving community around a passion he loves and it's allowed him to earn a very comfortable lifestyle without selling his soul for money or working himself to death.
Elliot will reveal his secret recipe for creating videos and content that built his loyal community and brings in traffic, leads and sales to his business every day. I've asked him to teach you how to generate perpetual traffic from your free content for years to come. You'll want to take copious notes on this one.
SEO BadAss Clayton Johnson On How To Drive More Free Traffic in 2017 Without Getting Banned Or Slapped By Google
Clayton is the COO of the The HOTH, a small startup in Chicago IL that has grown to be an industry powerhouse. They've been featured at industry events like Pubcon, SMX, Adtech, Affiliate Summit, Brighton SEO & more. The HOTH now helps over 60,000 businesses, agencies, and affiliates all around the world achieve success with SEO.

From his in-the-trenches every day experience, Clayton will reveal...
  • How to rank in google in 2017
  • How to drive more traffic, leads, and sales through organic search
  • How to avoid penalties & google updates to stay safe
  • How to use free organic traffic to feed your online marketing system
Clayton is a young, smart and energetic entrepreneur and marketer who is going to bring the HEAT, so bring your notebook and walk away with SEO knowledge clients have paid him and his team hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for!
Entrepreneur And Investor Marc Hardgrove On How To Think And Grow Rich In 2017
Marc Hardgrove is a serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous companies. He co-founded Jumpline web hosting in 1997 which was sold to Deluxe Corporation in 2015.

Marc also co-founded Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (Formerly, Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation) in 2009 and helped the company go public in 2013 (ticker ECIG).

In 2013 Marc was part of the team that acquired Search Engine Optimization company The Hoth. Under his leadership revenues grew 4X in 3 years.

Marc will school us on....
  • How to recognize opportunity and take advantage of it before others can.
  • How to think and grow rich (in 2017)
  • How to from Employee, to Self-Employed, To Business Owner, To Investor - like Robert Kiyosaki talked about in "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
Marc is ONE SMART COOKIE. He's seen more success (and challenges) in his entrepreneur career than most and one nugget from this legend could change the entire direction of you life & business.
Facebook Ads Legend Sam Bell On How To Successfully Set-Up, Launch and Scale Your First Facebook Ads Campaign
How would you like inside intel from the actual guy who regularly helps me turn $1 into $5 from Facebook ad campaigns? That's the level of training you're getting at this experience. Sam is a master at getting quality traffic. Although he regularly works behind the scenes, and although you might not know his face, don't let that fool you. His knowledge and simplistic way of teaching will be worth the investment of coming to this event, alone.
  • He'll show you his 4-point ad copy template to create winning ad copy for your ads.
  • He'll teach you how he can predict whether a campaign is going to be profitable or not before you launch it (so you can avoid ever wasting money on ads again)
  • He'll give you his strategy for safely scaling FB ads from your first $5 to $10,000 ...and how to make sure you always make money
He'll reveal specific secrets and his exact process to scale any campaign for any business and how to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of paid advertising. Forget the amatuer traffic training you've recieved from the rest. Sam will quickly make you realize the most profitable opportunity you've ever seen is hiding right under your nose. Then he'll show you how to cash in on it.
Webinar Visionary Wyatt Jozwowski On Hosting Webinars That SELL
Right now, webinars are hot. Almost nothing works as will as they do. They allow you to place your offer in front of a hungry, motivated, live audience all from the comfort of your home (yes, even in your underwear). Wyatt is the CEO of Demio, which is the next generation webinar gorilla that will take over the webinar software industry. They've created a tool that will no doubt give GoToWebinar a run for their money, and possibly even put them out of business. Wyatt is going to reveal secrets most people will never know about adding webinars to your repertoire of marketing super-tools. In his talk, you'll discover...
  • How to get people registered and have them actually show up to your webinars (plus, he'll show you exactly how to IMPLEMENT these tips live, from stage)
  • How to avoid non-profit marketing and create a presentation that will engage and inspire your audience to pull out their credit and say YES to your offer.
  • The ONE THING every webinar must have to ensure your webinars are profitable (this involves "sales triggers" that will make them ACT IMMEDIATELY instead of "getting back to you later")
I'll be paying close attention to Wyatt's training and you should, too. Webinars are the future and they allow you to host powerful live events ...without ever leaving your house. Hearing specific secrets, actions guides and webinar best practices from a man who's hosted and seen more webinars than almost anyone in the market is a rare chance. Get very excited to peek into the mind of this Legendary million dollar marketer. 
25 Year Old Funnel and Traffic Wizard, Mike Buontempo On How He Did $1-Million Dollars In Front-End Sales Using SOLO ADS
Mike Mike Buontempo is a stud, period. He's done MILLIONS of dollars in sales -- all before the age of 25 -- and most of the traffic he's generated has come from solo ads.

But there's a right and a wrong way to use solo ads.
  • He'll show you what he's learned after spending tens-of-thousands of dollars in solo ads that have resulted in over $1-million dollars in front end sales (that's not including back-end sales!)
  • He'll teach you how to sniff out a phony solo ad sellers so you don't waste your hard earned money on bad traffic.
  • He'll teach you what your funnel MUST HAVE to make solo ads work, and why you need "multiple streams of traffic" like you need "multiple streams of income".
Mike's a young and energetic superstar who's VERY GENEROUS with his knowledge and he's excited to share his secrets with you at the event!
Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher On How To BOOST Your Conversions (And Make More Sales With Less Traffic!)
Dr. Jeff is a retired chiropractor who sold his practices and now helps other chiropractors grow their practices using cutting edge online marketing strategies.

Jeff is a conversion guru. He eats, sleeps, chews up and spits out conversions. He's obsessed (in a healthy way :)

He's going to show you how small, simple tweaks can double, even triple your income with the SAME AMOUNT of traffic. 
  • He'll reveal how to get "mini-yeses" in your emails, social media and funnels that make your prospect 5x more likely to buy.
  • How langauge on your landing pages and Facebook posts could be REPELLING buyers away from you (and how to fix it)
  • You'll discover the MOST IMPORTANT thing every piece of marketing must have to give you the best chance to convert a lead into a sale (if you screw everything else up, just do this one thing)
Jeff's kind spirit and unique teaching style will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, hanging on every word...and stuffing A LOT more money in your bank account as a result of learning from him.
You're Covered By A 
Double Your Money 
Back Gaurantee
The price of this event is already affordable for anyone, at any level. I'm going a step further. At anytime throughout the event if you're not getting the value you came for walk to the back of the room and find one of my staff and let them know. They'll take your name, refund your investment and pay you an additional ticket amount back as a way of honoring this policy. Why would I do that? Because I've done it before and I'm 200% confident in my training and ability to teach you so you leave invigorated and with an action plan to implement it.
At This Price, Seats Will Fill Up FAST.
Grab Yours Now And Meet Me LIVE!
general admission ticket
  •  Sales and Marketing Experience 3 Day Admission
  • Sales and Marketing Experience Playbook Bonus
  • Sales and Marketing Experience 3-Day Admission
  • Sales and Marketing Experience Playbook Bonus
  • First Entrance Into The Room For Best Seating
  • VIP Velvet Rope Party Experience On Day 2 
  • Guaranteed Photo Op W/ David
Sales and Marketing Experience FAQ
Where is the event located at?
Tampa, FL
What airport will I fly into?
Tampa airport and the event venue is 5-minutes away from the airport.
What venue is the event at?
The DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Airport – Westshore hotel (details sent via email immediately after registration)
I need to know when to arrive and leave? What is the schedule?
Registration will be open Thurs March 9th from 6-9pm EST at the hotel and then all day Friday March 10th, starting at 7am EST. The event will start March 10th at 9am EST and end March 12th at 5pm EST. There will be a VIP party at night on March 11th from 7-10pm after the main session.
What if I'm new? What if I'm seasoned? Should I come to this event?
There will be information from David that he used to make his first dollar in revenue and his first $100-million in revenue. David has a way of simplifying and demystifying sales and marketing to help you get to the next level from where ever you're at right now.
What's your refund policy?
We offer a double your money back guarantee, meaning we won't just refund you, we'll double your investment if you're not thrilled. We're serious about delivering value and are confident in the value we provide.
Can I bring a guest?
Because of limited seating we require each attendee to purchase a ticket. You're welcome to purchase a ticket for a spouse or business partner, or even your entire team. Please email [email protected] for bulk ticket requests. Discounts may be available.
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