I have one question for you...

Are You Ready To
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If you said “YES” to the big and really damn important question above, listen up...

The weekend of Feb 2-4, 2018 -- we're all going to invade St. Petersburg, FL for the “Sales and Marketing Experience" event.

And if you know anything about what's gone down in the last 12 months besides training ten-of-thousands of people how to get real, lasting results in their business with our breakthrough, real, raw and relevant training courses... and the fact that more BRAND NEW people have made money in our affiliate program than anything I've ever personally seen before -- hands down... that’s right.

This ain’t the same dog and pony show as you might be used to where the usual “leaders” who hop from opportunity to opportunity are the only ones who make money. Oh, no. When those characters hit me up on Facebook asking for a “free comped account” I told them “sorry, we don’t roll like that”. And YES, I have the screenshots to prove it ;)

However, one thing that sometimes gets overlooked because Legendary Marketer has flat turned the marketing world on it's head for thousands of people who have never had success online before, is the fact that....

Our Events Are Secretly The Most Epic and Impactful
Live 'Experiences' This Industry Has Ever Seen

And I don't say "experiences" lightly.

By deciding to meet us in person in St. Petersburg, FL (by grabbing your ticket below) you're not just buying a ticket you're buying admission into the most transformational and "Legendary Leadership Factory" you have ever seen.


The same "Legendary Leadership Factory" that took Kai Lo from prison to top producer earning over $44,000 online in 45 days -- without picking up the phone.


The same "Legendary Leadership Factory" that helped Linda Bomba go from foreclosure (twice!) to working full-time from home…pocketing over $17,900 from less than an hour a day on Facebook.


The same"Legendary Leadership Factory" that helps Jeff Dingman pocket $12,000 commissions “on the side” while he runs his full-time construction business.


The same "Legendary Leadership Factory" that allowed Natalie Critchley to finally earn enough income online to become the travel junkie she’d always dreamed of!


The same"Legendary Leadership Factory" that helped Jamaican born Andre Miller stay home and help raise his new family …and chase the American dream!


The same "Legendary Leadership Factory" that put nearly $70,000 into Jay Brown’s pocket because Legendary Marketer’s affiliate program simply converted better than anything else he’d ever promoted.


And the same "Legendary Leadership Factory" that a high-school dropout, ex-homeless guy named Dave decided to teach an army of wanna-be marketers how to become Legendary Marketers…

...while helping hundreds of people earn there very first commission online and helping many more make more money online than they’ve ever done before and he’s doing it all from the trenches, not from some stiff corporate office like every other “normal” CEO operates. I could go on for pages and pages, but I think you get the point.

However -- I want take you to take a closer look at what you just saw (I’m sure you noticed -- it’s blatantly OBVIOUS). It’s something that if you pick up on now, could mean a MUCH different outcome for you a year from now. It’s SIMPLE.

Every Single Real Legendary
Marketer Attends Our Events, Period.

And without exception. All of them.

YES, even top players fly across borders from Europe and Canada because these our events are just that powerful.

So on top of the breakthrough and legendary marketing strategies you’ll learn in St. Petersburg, FL from me and all the leaders who will be in the room...

...it all hails in comparison to the opportunity to "rub shoulders" and hang out with some of the realest marketers out there who have gone from NOTHING to earning thousands of dollars online in just months.

And when I say live and in person -- that’s what I mean.

An Army of Legends Will Be Gathered in St. Petersburg

Locking arms masterminding six and seven-figure game-plans and releasing the Legendary Marketer inside of them.
The only question is Will You Be One of Them? If you said “Yes” -- click the button below and grab your tickets to meet us live!

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  • General Admission Reserved Seating
  • 2 Day Access to Sales and Marketing Experience

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  • Reserved VIP Floor Seating
  • Access to VIP ONLY Mastermind and Dinner (Feb 2)
  • Legendary Marketer Pen and Notebook
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I’m looking forward to you making a powerful decision. Let's DO this.